Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back in Business

Hello friends! Our sincere apologies for dropping off the radar for so long, we hit a snag with the city authorities and went into a bit of a lull for a moment there. Regardless, it's all sorted out now and we're back on track. Construction, which had been on hold for about ten weeks (but who's counting, right?) is now rolling forward once again. Here's a picture of Sky and his son Bhima touring the site just yesterday:

Walls and a roof going up! That iron column to the far right of the picture marks the back wall of the hot room. Sky and Bhima are facing the wall for the mirrors. The roof is already built over the reception/lobby area, with the blue tarp hanging across the entrance.

Our projected opening date has moved into the summer, most likely in July. We'll keep you posted on progress as we move forward. Be well, and see you in the hot room very soon!